Every 5 and 10 levels on the Adventure Map is a boss level. The bosses are fairly difficult and require a good deal of leveling to defeat.

After defeating a boss, you will need to unlock the next level to continue along the path of the Adventure Map. 3 friends will have to help you to get to the next level.

By using the strategies below, you might have a certain chance of winning!

Boss And Mini Boss ListEdit

Level Monster Opponents Waves Strategy Reward
Lvl. 5 Wild Pandaken: Lvl. 5 1 wave

This is your first miniboss you face. It may look powerful but don't worry that much about that. You can easily knock this miniboss out since it has low health of only 225.

You can use any monster in this level, but if your monsters are Fire or Nature types, you might want to only use it's non-element attacks for example, if you have a Greenasaur on your side, use Razor Claws. Those types are weak against the Wild Pandaken and deal less damage.

If you have Water types on your side, utilize them in combat since Pandaken cannot resist Water type attacks.

Recommended monsters:

Lvl 5-7 Rockillia

Lvl 6 Greensaur

Lvl 3-5 Pandaken

48560 XP

3 Gems

Lvl. 10

Lvl. 3, 4 and 3 

Boss Firekong: Lvl. 7

2 waves

The first boss on the game. Not pretty much dangerous right?. Well we ensure you must buy the [Fire Fighter Pack] to challenge this big daddy along with it's pups. Fight includes 2 Level 3 Firekongs, 1 Level 4 Firekong and The boss Firekong.

Neutralize these monsters by Water-dark monsters like Razfeesh.

48560 XP

5 Gems


Lvl. 15 Wild Koopigg: Lvl. 10 1 wave

Your second miniboss. This will be alot challenging compared to before, since this miniboss is considerably potent in power!

It's weakness are Earth types. Rockillas can be okay to use, but it's too weak against this menacing foe. Try using Rarawr or/and Tarzape on this level. Ensure you level them up to a pretty high level like levels 8, 9 or 10. To claim Rarawr or Tarzape, breed a Rockilla with a Treezard

For your third monster, try using Pandaken against him. Use Fire Trap only if your Pandaken is level 7 or over, since it deals a considerable amount of damage. 

48560 XP

3 Gems

Lvl. 20

Terror Dactyls: Lvl. 8, 8 and 8

Boss Terror Dactyl: Lvl. 11  

2 waves

Your second boss. This could get pretty messy!

Like Koopigg, he is really annoyed with Earth types. But since Terror Dactyls are Dark types, Earth types are annoyed by them too!

Try using a level 9 or 10 Rarawr, Pandaken and Firekong.

For the first wave, when using Pandaken and Firekong, pummel the baby Terror Dactyl trio with Fire Wall. When utilzing Rarawr, use Alpha Charge, this attack has tremendous power although it takes 2 turns to cool down.

After defeating the opponents of the first wave, you will meet a fierce, scary and ferocious adult Terror Dactyl. This can get intense; it has tremendous health of 1297! Make your Pandaken use Fire Trap against it since it does deal alot of damage. If your Pandaken is level 10, use Quagmire as well. For Firekong, use Fire Trap, or if your Firekong is level 10, use Flame Wheel against it so this large and fierce boss can catch a Burning effect and suffer through burns throughout it's turns.

48560 XP

5 Gems


Lvl. 25 Wild Electrex: Level 18 1 wave it is more preferred t

Hat you use death types because it is resistant to earth so the best types are Bon Bon at about leval 10

48560 XP

3 Gems

Lvl. 30

ObsidiaElectrex and Light Sphinx: Lvl. 10, 10 and 10

Terracrank x2: Lvl. 12 

Wild TerracrankLvl.20 x1 

3 waves This boss is very tough as it has 3342 health! It is defended by a Light Sphinx, an Obsida with an Electrex in the middle and are all level 10. You could use a Level 20 Razfeesh, Light spirit, or Sasquach. Yo will be confronted by two Terracranks both level 12 and the boss Terracrank level 20. You will need a Sasquach because terracrank is magic and it is weak against nature.

48560 XP

5 Gems


Lvl. 35 ??? ??? ??? ???
Lvl. 40 Turtle level 22 x3; Turtle level 24 x2, Dolphchamp level 24; Boss Merfolk King level 28 ??? ??? ???
Lvl. 45 ??? ??? ??? ???
Lvl. 50 Bloomskips level 30 x3; Sparkwedge level 30 x2; Boss Dolphchamp level 34 ??? ??? ???
Lvl. 55 ??? ??? ??? ???
Lvl. 60 Firanda level 33, Pandaken level 33, Tarzape level 33; Rhynex level 37, Rabidex level 37; Boss Nemestrinus level 40 ??? ??? ???
Lvl. 65 ??? ??? ??? ???
Lvl. 70 Utochomp level 41 x3; Shanky level 44 x2; Boss Nebotus level 48 ??? ??? ???
Lvl. 75 Wild Gastosquish ???
Lvl. 80 Raane level 48 x3; Pulseprism level 51 x3; Goldcore level 51 x2, Boss Goldcore level 54 ??? ??? ???
Lvl. 85 ??? ??? ??? ???
Lvl. 90 Sparkwedge level 55, Octocrush level 55, Rarawr level 55; Light Sphinx level 56, Koopigg level 56; Boss Scorchpeg level 58 ??? ??? ???
Lvl. 95 ??? ??? ??? ???
Lvl. 100 Wild Duchess:Lvl.60 1 wave ??? ???

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