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List of ElementsEdit

Dual element breedingEdit

Breeding monsters with two elements together is similar, however there are more possible results.

For example: Breeding an Earth/Dark such as Obsidia with a Fire/Nature such as Pandaken.

This can result in an offspring that is any of: Earth/Fire, Fire/Earth; Earth/Nature, Nature/Earth; Dark/Fire, Fire/Dark; Dark/Nature, Nature/Dark.

Opposite Element BreedingEdit

These combinations produce more powerful monsters.

Duchess Icon 1 Tartarus Icon 1 Terracrank Icon 1

Hybrid Fire + Hybrid Light :

Scorchpeg Icon 1 Skipples Icon 1 Nebotus Icon 1

Hybrid Thunder + Hybrid Nature :

Rabidex Icon 1 Rhynex Icon 1

Hybrid Water + Hybrid Dark :

Fliploch Icon 1 Razfeesh Icon 1 Turtle Icon 1 Griffex Icon 1

Breedable Legendary Monster:

Cupid Icon 1 Firus Icon 1 Lostyghost Icon 1 Nebotus Icon 1 Panda Claus Icon 1 White Walker Icon 1 Worker Hulk Icon 1 Firelequin Icon 1 Rockantium Icon 1

Non Breedable MonstersEdit

  • The following monsters do not have any formula to breed / non breedable, only purchase by gem or other source (e.g. Breeding Events):
  • Common

  • Uncommon

Firanda Icon 1

  • Epic

Esthirel Icon 1 Irockman Icon 1 Kimmel's Gift Icon 1 Rodolph Icon 1 Rosanha Icon 1 Sasquach Icon 1 Tao Tao Icon 1 Teddy Fear Icon 1 Wolfkami Icon 1

  • Legend

Monsters that you can't get any moreEdit

Fire Lion Icon 1 Panda Icon 1

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