Monster Legends is a city building game where you build things to level up, collect new Monsters, etc. Two main branches of buildings are available: habitats, and buildings.



Farm ( Small )

Farms are where you can produce the Food you will need to feed your monsters and for upgrading buildings.


Temple of Water

Temples permit you to have higher leveled monsters. You will eventually need to upgrade them as well to get higher and higher level caps.


Recruitment tavern

The Recruitment Tavern.

Special buildings include the Runes building, the Recruitment Tavern, the Monster Market, and the Monster Arena.

Breeding BuildingsEdit

Breeding Mountain@ ML

There are two breeding buildings available in Monster Legends: the Breeding Mountain and the Ultra Breeding Tree. There is also a Hatchery building available.



Here you can purchase Worker's Huts for gems. Each one allows you to upgrade more buildings, make new buildings and clear out obsecels at once, and each Worker's Hut costs more than the previous one costed.


Water boost 5

Boost buildings make your monsters produce gold faster. They have a certain range beyond which they will not be active though so be careful where you place them! There are a separate boost building for each Monster type, fire, nature, thunder, earth, water, dark, magic, light and metel.