Cupid Icono Legendary
“I’m a Lover, not a Fighter”, said the last one after being shot by a Cupid’s Love Arrow. Then Cupid takes advantage of the state of his victim and beats him up
Cupid-3B Store
Available N/A
Habitat Icono legendary
Hatching Time 2 Days Icono reloj
Breeding Time - Icono reloj
Price 2,300 Icono gema
Sell 10,000 Icono oro
XP 34,560 Icono exp
Element Icono magicIcono legendary Power Power
Weakness Icono natural Speed Speed
Resist Icono magic Life Life
Special Skill Icono magic Crazy in Love Stamina Stamina 140
Trait Immunity blind Immune to Blind Temple -
Wild Love Pack ( Expired )


Cupid-EggRight arrowCupid-1BRight arrowCupid-2BRight arrowCupid-3B

  Egg               Level 1-3                Level 4-24                   Level 25-100




  • Cupid is the second fastest Legendary monster in Monster Legends, slightly beaten by Thorder.
  • At levels 1-3, Cupid is a harlequin-like monster with a gold helmet, gold halo, gold and heart ended arrow (inexplanably no bow), angelic wings and a small body.
  • At levels 4-24, Cupid has a larger body, heart shoulder armor, gold bracelets, gold bow, and several heart arrows on its back.
  • At levels 25-100, Cupid retains almost everything but is larger in size, gold halo, larger gold bow, and gold fist bands.


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