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The Dark Habitat is one of the Habitats in Monster Legends. It can support two Monsters of the Habitat's type at levels one to three, and gains the ability to store a third and fourth monster at level four and seven respectively.

Like other basic Habitats (excluding the Legendary Habitat), the Dark Habitat increases in size from 4x4 to 5x5 at level 5.


Dark-Habitat- 1Dark-Habitat- 2Dark-Habitat- 3Dark-Habitat- 4Dark-Habitat- 5Dark-Habitat- 6Dark-Habitat- 7Dark-Habitat-8

Image Habitat Max Monsters Max GoldGold Bar Icon CostGold Bar Icon/Feeding Build TimeIcono reloj Size Level available
Dark-Habitat-1 Dark 1 2 10,000 25,000 Gold Bar Icon 4 hours 5x5 14
Dark-Habitat-2 Dark 2 2 20,000 10,000 Gold Bar Icon 2 hours 5x5 18
Dark-Habitat-3 Dark 3 2 30,000 20,000 Gold Bar Icon 4 hours 5x5 21
Dark-Habitat-4 Dark 4 3 40,000 6,000 Feeding 8 hours 5x5 26
Dark-Habitat-5 Dark 5 3 50,000 350,000 Gold Bar Icon 16 hours 5x5 31
Dark-Habitat-6 Dark 6 3 60,000 480,000 Gold Bar Icon 1 day 5x5 33
Dark-Habitat-7 Dark 7 4 70,000 126,000 Feeding 1day 12hour 5x5 37
Dark-Habitat-8V Dark 8 4 80,000 800,000 Gold Bar Icon 2 days 5x5 41

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