Count Vlad was outraged when his youngest daughter , Fampira, confessed that she was bored of Monstervania and moved to the big city. Now, she is friend with beastly monsters and even plays at drums in Metalhëad's band.
Fampira.png Store
Available 100
Habitat Icono_legendary.png
Hatching Time 2 Days Icono reloj
Breeding Time - Icono reloj
Price 2.500 Icono_gema.png
Sell 10.000 Icono oro
XP 34.560 Icono exp
Element Icono_legendary.pngIcono_dark.png Power Power 3.421
Weakness {{{ELEM1}}} Speed Speed 3.388
Resist {{{Resist_1 & 2}}} Life Life 28.651
Special Skill {{{Element_name}}} Stamina Stamina 140
Trait {{{Trait_name}}} Temple {{{Pic.Temple1_Temple2}}}

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