Firesaur Icono Common Edit

Possessing a mane of white-hot hell fire and more than just a sting in his tail the Firesaur is a creature of mythic awesomeness! The Firesaur will make fast work of anyone foolish enough to challenge him.

   Firesaur      Available Level 1
Element   Icono fire
Habitat Lv 1
Price 100 Icono oro  
Sell 50 Icono oro
XP 50 Icono exp
Hatching Time 15 seconds Icono reloj
Shop Lv 1
Weakness Icono water Water
Special Skill Icono fire Meteor Strike
Fire Temple Temple of Fire Traits : Burning immunity Immune to Burning
Firesaur Freettle


Firesaur is a dragon-like monster, resembling a red tyrannosaurus with an orange underbelly, and from it's second stage onwards, sports dark stripes on it's arms, legs and tail. Firesaur has horns which grow from the back of it's head, and in the final stage, small spikes on the back of the jaw. From the second stage onwards, Firesaur has small, flaming wings, and a fire buring at the tip of it's tail.


GFiresaur-EggRight arrowFiresaur-1Right arrowFiresaur-fase2 Right arrowFiresauradult Edit

Egg            Level 1-3             Level 4-6                    Level 7-70


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