Hi! As some of you have probably read, lately I have been getting lots of legends. At first, I thought it was a coincidence, but now it seems like more than that. If you want to catch up with how this topic started, you can read my blog post: 2 Legends, 1 Day

For the rest of you, I have a theory - It seems that if you breed the same two monsters (that are proven to have a chance giving legends) then eventually the odds for a legend will plateau. What I mean by that is, like me, you might need to breed two monsters together 20+ times before you get your first legend from them. However, after you do get one, keep breeding them. 

Four times in a row now, I have bred Rabidex + Rabidex and gotten a legend, followed by a different random monster, then repeating. For example:

Breeding Times:

1-15 - random

16 - Rhynex (random)

17 - Rabidex (random)

18 - Thunder Eagle (random)

19 - Rhynex (random)

20 - Thorder (L)

21 - random

22 - Thorder (L)

23 - random

24 - Lord of Atlantis (L)

25 - Treezard [only a few seconds to breed]

26 - Legend (still breeding)

That's as far as I have bred so far with Rabidex + Rabidex. It may take more or less breedings with the same monsters to get the first legend. There could be a different formula involved than just the same monsters, like if their levels have something to do with this, so this is just a theory. Still, after 20 times breeding them and getting no legends, then getting 3 (48 hours each legend) in 6 days it just seems like more than pure coincidence.

In 2 days when they finish breeding I will attempt to breed Fliploch + Fliploch (first I need to get 2). I'll put the results here and see if the same things happen with them.