"Halloween Island"


“'Welcome to Halloween Island!'

''This Event is available on iOS and Android Only.''


Island/Button You can enter this event by clicking the Halloween Island or just click the Pumpkin button in the right side of you screen.
Lairs There are Five Puzzles in this event, in every puzzles will open once the available countdown is over.  Find the monster as soon as possible because it will be more expensive once the lair expires!
Cards Everytime you open a card it requires a ghost coin, the more cards you opened, the more ghosts required depends on the puzzle you enter.
Ghost Coins Once you entered this event you will have 25 ghost coins. The objective here in this event is to collect Ghosts. You have four ways to collect ghosts: Collecting gold from habitats; harvesting food from farms; breeding monsters in Breeding Mountain or Ultra Breeding Tree and winning Pvp battles. You can also buy it from the event shop.


Welcome to Halloween Island, a place where Halloween monsters hide. But don't be scared yet! You can make these monsters yours by finding them in their lairs!
Finding monsters will cost you ghost coins. You can get them by doing various typical tasks like breeding, collecting food, collecting gold or winning PVP battles.
Once you enter a monster's lair, you'll be able to flip monster cards to get the rewards inside them. Look at them carefully, though, because they'll shuffle every time you get them!
The card you pick will be destroyed, so next time your chances of finding the monster will increase! Find the monster as soon as possible because it will be more expensive once the lair expires!
Get ghosts coin by collecting Food Harvesting in your Farms, Collecting golds from your habitats, Breeding your monsters and Defeat opponents in Monster Arena.

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