"Legendary Habitat"

Legendary-Habitat- 1

“'Fully equipped with a monster gym and swimming pool, this six star paradise is fit for the most spectacular super star monsters on the scene!'


Image Habitat Max Monsters Max GoldGold Bar Icon CostGold Bar Icon/Feeding Build TimeIcono reloj Size Level available
Legendary-Habitat-1 Legendary 1 400,000 2,500,000 Gold Bar Icon 2 days6x6 7
Legendary-Habitat-2 Legendary 2 600,000 10,000,000 Gold Bar Icon 2 days6x6 7
Legendary-Habitat-3 Legendary 3 800,000 25,000,000 Gold Bar Icon 2 days6x6 7
Legendary-Habitat-4 Legendary 4 1,000,000 75,000,000 Gold Bar Icon 2 days6x6 7

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