Special Skill

Freettle attacking using 1000 Beatles in the Monstagram

The Monstagram is a feature in Monster Legends. Here you can check the data of Monsters.

You can check the Special skill that a Monster has, and the Stats of them. You can also check the attack animations of Monsters of psyhical and ranged attacks.

Once you enter in the Monstagram, in the top of the page you will also can access the Monster Book. In the Monstagram, if you have unlocked at least the egg of a Monster, it will be automatically light-colored. If you are not enought experienced, the monsters will not appear. For example, you are level 24, the Light monsters will appear like a dark baby Firesaur with a question mark on it. The last monsters from the Monstagram will appear like (un)funded Monsters, even if one of his/her elements you do not unlocked.

Monstagram is where you can find all of the monsters in monster legends, the monstagram also shows you a monsters attacks but only if you own the monster.(e.g, If you dont have Cupid in your collection, then you cant see its attacks, unless you verse it in Arena,Dungeon,Adventure Map e.t.c)The monstagram is also useful for finding out what elements are needed to breed a certain monster.