This article is about the Monster Arena building. For PvP Multiplayer, see Multiplayer.

The Monster Arena is a building from which players used to engage in PvP multiplayer battles. That game mechanic is now incorporated into the gameplay, apart from the building. By default, players have a maximum of 2 multiplayer attack points. Building the Monster Arena increases that to 3.

The building is available to purchase when multiplayer becomes available, at player level 10. It is officially categorized a decoration. It is a 6x6 unit building that sells for 12,500Icono oro.

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  • Monster arena

    2 messages
    • I purchased the monster arena building, but I still only get two attacks, even though i am connected to fb. Any suggestions?
    • did you fill it up with 3 friends? Or pay 3 gems each, 9 gems, to get the 3rd permanent stamina for pvp
  • number of attacks you have in pvp? is 3 the max?

    3 messages
    • 3 is the max
    • after you have 3 friends open the monster arena for you, or fill the 3 spots for 3 gems each. Then you get the 3rd attack