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Featured Monsters

Laomu Icon 1 She’s on a very spiritual level, so she seems a bit disconnected from reality, but the truth is that her wisdom has been very helpful to other monsters in times of trouble. Plus, sometimes she enjoys something as mundane as a veggie burger!
--Ao Loong--
Ao Loong Icon 1 Tired of being a New-Year-Parade Dragon, Mon Loong has decided to break away from his chains, escape and start his own adventure on this land full of monsters.
--Dusty Fear--
Dusty Fear Icon 1 Oh dear... Teddy Fear has last-minute doubts about getting married and he hasn't shown up for his own wedding. His bride has gone mad! How dare he leave her? She's a charming garden rose!
Pandaval Icon 1 Introducing Pandalf’s little brother! The story goes like this: Pandaval had been trying to be as wise and focused as his older brother for years, but he just wasn’t born that way, so he decided to go his own way and devote his life to partying in Brazil. A vida é um carnaval!
--Master Fong--
Master Fong Icon 1 Master Fong isn’t just one of the greatest warriors, he’s also a respected master and has taught many monsters how to win battles. Pandaken is one of his most famous pupils!
--Dan Felino--
Dan Felino Icon 1 And it’s a last-minute Touchdown!! The Monster City Legends win the Superbowl! All thanks to our local hero, Dan Felino, who saved the day!
Monster Legends Official Trailer

Monster Legends Official Trailer

Monster Legends - Episode 1 (NEW GAME)

Monster Legends - Episode 1 (NEW GAME)


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