The top shows a string of multiple attacks by a single enemy Monster.

Sometimes, an enemy Monster you are fighting suddenly gets to attack multiple times in a row (usually between four to eight times). Usually in most cases, before this happens, the player has a good or assured chance of winning, then due to being attacked several times at once by the same enemy Monster, the player suddenly loses horribly--after what could have been a long battle. 

Monster ListEdit

If this happens to you please list the monster that has done it below:

  • SeuCuy
  • Obsidia
  • Thundenix
  • Wild Electrex
  • Boss Terracrank
  • Pandaken
  • Bloomskips
  • Razfeesh
  • Gastosquish
  • Dragonian Beast
  • Razfeesh
  • Darknubis
  • Boss Nemestrinus
  • I Found In The 2nd Boss Second Wave
  • Lord of Atlantiuding: speed, number of moves since last attack, positive and negative status effects, and probably others.

When you use negative effects against an opponent they change the order in which they are chosen to attack. This multiple attacks event appears to be a glitch in their sequencing formula. I have noticed that each time it happens to me now, it's when a status is wearing off my opponent. For example, I will Daze him and it will reduce his frequency of attacks by 50%. When that wears off however, it appears that the game glitches and gives him 2-3 extra attacks against me, according to his new speed. If there are 2 status effects on him that wear off at the same time, like daze and slow for example, it will double that effect. In other words, the opponent may incorrectly receive 4-8 attacks in a row - the one that he should get, and 2-3 extra. 

This could be occurring only in certain monsters, but it is more likely that the turn queue is sequenced in the same way for evert of opponent 

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