Seraphim Icono Epic
He's gone from Heaven to Hell and back more times than anyone can remember.He fits in with neither angels nor demons son his soul is condemned to a lonely existence
150px Store
Available N/A
Habitat Icono lightIcono dark
Hatching Time 5m Icono reloj
Breeding Time N/A Icono reloj
Price N/A
Sell 7,500 Icono oro
XP 25,200 Icono exp
Element Icono lightIcono dark Power Power {{{Pic.power_power}}}
Weakness {{{ELEM1}}} Speed Speed {{{Pic.Speed_Speed}}}
Resist {{{Resist_1 & 2}}} Life Life {{{Pic.life_Life}}}
Special Skill {{{Element_name}}} Stamina Stamina {{{Pic.stamina_stamina}}}
Trait {{{Trait_name}}} Temple {{{Pic.Temple1_Temple2}}}

|Pic.power_power = Life Bar (Very High) Very High |ELEM1 = Icono metal |Pic.Speed_Speed = Life Bar (High) High |Pic.life_Life = Life Bar (High) High |Pic.stamina_stamina = Life Bar (High) High|Resist_1 & 2 = Icono lightIcono dark |Element_name = Icono dark Dark & Light |Trait_name = Immunity blind Immune to Blind |Pic.Temple1_Temple2 = Temple of Light Temple of Light & Dark Temple of Dark}}


Battle Edit


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