Status effects can be applied by monster skills or items. They come in two categories: positive (marked green in-game) and negative (marked red).

Positive Effects

Effect Description Duration
Arcane shield Take half damage from Magic, Nature, and Physical attacks. 3 turns
Big shield

/Iker shield

Applies a shield that can absorb a large amount of damage. Lasts until it is depleted, or expires.

100% life points become shield range

2 turns

3 turns

Damage boost Increases damage by 50%. 2 turns
Double damage Increases damage by 100%. 2 turns
Elemental shield Take half damage from Fire, Earth, and Water attacks. 3 turns
Enraged Increases damage by 50%. 3 turns
Haste increases speed by 20% 3 turns
Heal wind Heals a small amount per turn. 10 turns
Magic mirror Reflects all attacks. 3 turns
Mirror mirror Reflects spells (but not physical attacks). 2 turns
Precision( By Item)

Precision(By Attack)

Increases accuracy by 25%.

Increases accuracy by 50%.

3 turns

2 turns

Protection Receives all single-target attacks. 2 turns

Recently stunned

cannot be attacked.

Immune to stun.

1 turn
Regeneration Heals all of life each turn. 3 turns
Small shield Applies a shield that can absorb a small amount of damage. Lasts until it is depleted or expires. 2 turns
Spectral shield Take half damage from Light, Dark, and Thunder attacks.wutwut 3 turns
Spiky thorns

Damage return

Inflict 25% damage back to attacker. 3 turns
Triple Damage Increases damage by 200% 1 turn
Zen meditation Powerful Fire attack against all enemies after it expires. 1 turn
Zephyr's boot

Full Shield

Medium Shield

Automatically dodges next two attacks.

Full life become the amount to the shield range, can absorb a lot of attacks.

Absorb medium damage.

2 turns

Negative Effects

Effect Description Duration
Arcane sap Weak to Magic, Nature, and Physical attacks. 3 turns
Back in time Transformed into young state and reduces power by 40%. 3 turns
Bleed Deals low dark damage on each turn, power reduce by 20% 4 turns
Blind Reduces accuracy by 50%. 2 turns
Always receive attacks and 50% less healing.
3 turns
Burning Affected monster loses 15% HP per turn. 3 turns
Corrupted Unit was corrupted and will attack its teammates in the next turn. 1 turn
Damage reduction Damage reduced by 25%. 2 turns


Reduces power and accuracy by 25%.

Weak to dark damage, power is reduced by 20% and each turn 10% of health is taken away.

3 turns
Elemental sap Weak to Fire, Earth, and Water attacks. 3 turns
Freeze Low Water damage and loses next turn. 1 turn
Half life

Energy leak

Life temporarily reduced by 50%. Lost life will be returned when the effect expires, unless the monster has been defeated.

Loses 15% of energy each turn.

3 turns
Hacked *Same as Possessed, Subscribed and Confusion* 1 turn
Magnetize Weak againist Metal attacks. 3 turns
Mega Stun Stunned for two turns. 2 turns
Nightmares Low Dark damage and loses 10% energy each turn. 3 turns
Quicksand Reduce 15% of target monster's max HP each turn.

So it does a total of 60% Life reduction.
Quicksand here literally means the monster will die faster if it "moves" quicker...

4 turns
Poison(popular attack)

poison(poison cloud)

Low Nature damage each turn, power reduced by 20%.

Power reduced by 20%. Small damage each turn.

4 turns

2 turns



Monster attacks its teamates. (Converts one emeny monster fight for you for 3 turns) 1 turn

3 turns

Reaper countdown A number will be shown and when the opponent makes it to the maximum number of turns, it will die instantly. (Can be removed) 2 - 4 turns


Monster attacks its teamates.

Reduces speed by 30%.

1 turn

2 turns

Spectral sap Weak to Light, Dark, and Thunder attacks. 3 turns
Stun Monster loses its turn. 1 turn
Illuminati confirmed Always get attacked and negative healing 4 turns
Ignite Removes 20% of health each turn. 2 turns