Teddy Fear Icono Epic
Every time we break up, she tears apart the little bear I gave her.
Teddy-Fear-3 Store
Available N/A
Habitat Icono earthIcono dark
Hatching Time 1 Day 11 Hours Icono reloj
Breeding Time N/A Icono reloj
Price N/A Icono gema
Sell 7,500 Icono oro
XP 25,200 Icono exp
Element Icono earthIcono dark Power Power
Weakness Icono light Speed Speed
Resist Icono earthIcono dark Life Life
Special Skill Icono legendary Puke Rainbow Stamina Stamina 130
Trait Rune stun Immune to Stun Temple Temple OF Earth Temple of Earth & Dark Temple of Dark
Stuffed Love Pack (Expired)
Halloween Island [First Task] (Expired)


Teddy-Fear-EggRight arrowTeddy-Fear-1Right arrowTeddy-Fear-2Right arrowTeddy-Fear-3

  Egg              Level 1-3           Level 4-19                  Level 20-90





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