Jusst like many other games, monster legend also have type resistant, and by using that you can easily trace out what is your monster's rank and many other things.


Monster Legend have 9 types so far:

Fire, Nature, Water, Thunder, Earth, Magic, Dark, Light, Legend

and the type resistant can be seem as:


Red Dot: Fire Green Dot: Nature Purple Dot: Magic Gray Dot: Light Black Dot: Dark Brown Dot: Earth Yellow Dot: Thunder Blue Dot: Water Black Arrow: resistant Turquoise Line: opposite type

Water > Fire > Nature > Magic > Light > Dark > Earth > Thunder > Water

And as you can see, it is a complete circle.

And the types that are opposite to each other cannot breed together at the Breeding Mountain or the Ultra Breeding Tree. 


To breed an

Common Monster: you just bought it, it MUST be bought and you can sometimes get it via breeding two monster that has at least one same type.

Uncommon & Rare Monster: they are very random to get. At the first try, you usually end up getting an uncommon monster but it can also be a rare one. For example:

 You want to have a Pandalf (Nature/Magic ;Rare): You can do the combination of Treezard x Genie. And the result can be, Bloomskips(Uncommon), Pandalf (Rare), or the two monster that you originally used in the breeding.

So you can see that, types that requires higher level to get is more powerful. And the result is, which type stand firrst defines the rank of the monster. 

Magic requires level 20
Nature requires level 3
=> Magic/ Nature is Rare and Nature/ Magic is Uncommon

Elite Monster:

'You cannot get this monster by simply reading its type, they cannot be breed together. Therefore, you can only get them by breeding two Rare monster. '

To get the Duchess (Magic/Earth), you must used 1 Rare Magic monster and 1 Rare Earth monster
For example: I used the Freetle (Earth/ Fire) and Djinn (Magic/ Fire). And the result can be: Terracrank(Earth/Magic), Duchess (Magic/Earth), Freetle, Djinn, Firekong(Fire/Earth), Pyrook(Fire/ Magic), and the simple Firesaur or Genie. 

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