• Almadanee

    The best legendary team for me is White walker , Son Cookie and Goldfield. Why?

    I'm using these monsters without runes and i have never been defeated if my opponents don't have runes like me or they have low level runes. We all know how powerful monsters are with runes -_- . But i always win 7/10 if they have runes from level 4-6.

    Son Cookie : Christmas ornaments, Pandalf ornaments, Mega superfinal blow, Over 9000.

    White Walker : Painful steam, Tsunami, Water with steroid, Big stream.

    Goldfield : Righteousness, Stir elements, forget problems, Life channeling.

    My tactics are

    When it's your turn

    Son Cookie will attack first because he has the highest speed than WW and GF, then Goldfield, then White Walker.

    1- Son Cookie - Use Over 9000 . Yeah the na…

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