I already included some of this info in the Saving Gold Strategy page, but as this is a more appropriate place to explain it i'll put it here. 

I had been trying to breed a legend for weeks. I have breed Scorchpeg + Electrex over 10 times in a row, and then Rabidex + Rabidex more than 20 times in a row. (I had to breed to get the Rabidex first, though). In any case I spent a lot of time to try to get a legend. I have never had one, and I understand the odds are quite low. I have found other breeding calculators and they give a 10% chance at best for any legend. That means on average I should have gotten 3 legends at 30 overall attempts, but I had gottten none. Then, a couple of days ago, I got a breed time of 2 days. LEGEND! Success!! Finally, I was excited, but after 2 days I saw it was not the legend I was hoping for. Still, I was happy to have finally gotten one.

Then, after getting the egg and letting it sit in the hatchery, I bred another time with Rabidex + Rabidex. It gave a 5 hour timer, which is Rhynex. When it was finished I added it to the hatchery too - I have a level 2 hatchery so it holds 2 eggs. I tried the breeding again, and got another 2 day timer. I was so excited! I still do not know what monster is breeding, but it's another chance at being the one I was hoping for. But it's crazy to think I had bred over 30 times and gotten nothing better than 2 pulseprism and a goldcore, then two legends almost in a row. 

I took some screenshots and combined them using MS Paint. I was already making a post about Saving Gold Strategy and taking screenshots of how my strategy helped me buy 2 legendary habitats, when this legendary business came up, so I included it in the screenshots. I was so excited about this turn of events that I made it into a blog post, too. Thanks for reading, and good luck breeding!


Below this page is a section of comments, where I have continued the story. It seemed like a crazy thing to keep updating this page, so I add a new comment with updates as they occur. When you scroll down they are loaded. Oldest comments are at the bottom and newer ones are just below this paragraph.  VV

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