• Ssscarecrow

    Is there ANYONE else having the same issue I am??? My problem is that with ANY monster. at ANY type of element. Once they reach level 40 and attempt to learn the new ability the game says "something went wrong" and you have to restart the game... The monster is a 40 but no abilities are learned.. I've tried feeding to 40... I've tried in battle leveling to 40... Same issue. It happened with Thundhair, Terror dactyl, Darknubis, Nemestrinus, and the ghost.... There has to be a way to fix this.

    I've sent in a ticket and was told nothing they can do, just keep leveling them and they will learn other abilities.. What if I wanted the one that was offered at 40???? And in half the times that was the case. There has to be a way to fix this bug and …

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