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    A question

    May 27, 2014 by WolfgangBSC


    Recently, when playing on Multiplayer on Monster Legends Mobile, I have come across people with around 1000 trophies or so, with amateur monsters(the ones you begin the game with). The weird part is, I have been loosing to them, even though I have all Legendary monsters on my team. I fought this person that had a Greenasaur, a Treezard and a Freetle, and when they attacked, all of them killed my team in one swipe.

    Do any of you guys know what this is? because it is starting to irritate me.

    My team:

    • Level 30 Nebotus
    • Level 30 Thorder
    • Level 27 Rockantium

    Enemy Team:

    • Level 10 Greenasaur
    • Level 10-13 Treezard
    • Level 15 Freetle
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