Vadamagma Icono Legendary
Vadamagma sleeps inside of a volcano. If it wakes up, it is to fight, and if fighting, is to break up their enemies. He loves the heat of the battle and the smell of victory in the morning.
Vadamagma-3B Store
Available Level 7
Habitat Icono legendary
Hatching Time 1D 22Hrs / 2D 2Hrs. Icono reloj
Breeding Time 1D 22Hrs / 2D 2Hrs Icono reloj
Price 2,300 Icono gema
Sell 10,000 Icono oro
XP 34,560 Icono exp
Element Icono legendaryIcono fire Power Power
Weakness Icono water Speed Speed
Resist Icono fire Life Life
Special Skill Icono fire Magma Carpet Stamina Stamina 140
Trait Burning immunity Immune to Burning Temple -
  Skipples  Duchess 


Vadamagma-EggBRight arrowVadamagma-1BRight arrowVadamagma-2BRight arrowVadamagma-3B

 Egg              Level 1-3             Level 4-24               Level 25-10


He uses his amazing lava skills to melt you with the touch of his finger nobody stands a chance against him. Edit

  • The egg of this Legendary monster is similar to the egg of the Flaming Rock Dragon in Dragon City.
  • Vadamagma, as its appearance suggests, is a tribute to Vulcan (Flaming Hair That Resembles Vulcan Hair), the Roman god of Flame and the Forge.
  • This monster bears some resemblance to the Balrog from the Lord of the Rings.
  • At levels 1-3, Vadamagma has a flaming head and a body made up of molten rocks.
  • At levels 4-24, Vadamagma's armor is slightly developing, giving it sharper claws, slight horns, and thicker molten rocks.
  • At its adult form at levels 25-100, its molten body has protruding spikes and even sharper claws. Its horns are much more prominent.
  • Old vadamagma have approximately 50k hp at levels 100.
  • New Vadamagma can resist burning negative status because have burning trait. Meanwhile, old vadamagma is fragile to burned because only have blind trait.
  • This monster is looks like Vulcano Golem in Social Empires.


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