Vano$$ {{{Icono_Status}}}
{{{Image}}} Store
Available {{{Level}}}
Habitat Legendary Habitat
Hatching Time {{{Time}}} Icono reloj
Breeding Time {{{Time_1}}} Icono reloj
Price {{{Price_1}}}
Sell {{{Sell}}} Icono oro
XP {{{XP}}} Icono exp
Element {{{Elem_1 & 2}}} Power Power {{{Pic.power_power}}}
Weakness {{{ELEM1}}} Speed Speed {{{Pic.Speed_Speed}}}
Resist {{{Resist_1 & 2}}} Life Life {{{Pic.life_Life}}}
Special Skill {{{Element_name}}} Stamina Stamina {{{Pic.stamina_stamina}}}
Trait {{{Trait_name}}} Temple {{{Pic.Temple1_Temple2}}}
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