Varuna Icono Legendary
Varuna was an ambitious pirate. When his ship drowned, Death visited him. He asked it to live without a soul under the sea instead of dying, so he was granted that wish. Now he torments the good souls of the deep oceans.
Varuna 3
Available Level 3
Habitat Icono legendary
Hatching Time 2 Days Icono reloj
Breeding Time 2 Days Icono reloj
Price 2,300 Icono gema
Sell 10,000 Icono oro
XP 34,560 Icono exp
Element Icono legendaryIcono water Power Power
Weakness Icono electric Speed Speed
Resist Icono water Life Life
Special Skill Icono water Pressure Difference Stamina Stamina 140
Trait Rune stun Immune to Stun Temple -

Unbreedable (from Pirate Island April 2016


Lord-of-the-Atlantis-EggRight arrowLord-of-the-Atlantis-1Right arrowLord-of-the-Atlantis-2Right arrowLord-of-the-Atlantis-3

  Egg             Level 1-3                 Level 4-24                   Level 25-100


  • He is the first Legendary boss, followed by Nemestrinus .
  • Lord of the Atlantis is the third wave boss, named Boss Merfolk King, of Level 40 in the Adventure Map . He is protected by: three juvenile Turtles at level 22 each; and one Adult Dolphchamp at level 24, and 2 adult Turtles at level 24 also.
  • The Lord of Atlantis a tribute to the Poseidon, Greek God of the sea.
  • Lord of Atlantis is not the monster with the longest word count, as it is actually Elder Sporeling, followed by White Walker, Worker Hulk, Dragonian Beast, Drop Elemental, Light Sphinx, Shock Turtle, Terror Dactyl, Fire Lion, Light Spirit, and Thunder Eagle.
  • At levels 1-3, Lord of Atlantis is shown to have a fish like resemblance, with yellow eyes, few gold and brown clothing and still no weapon.
  • At levels 4-25, it possesses a gold spear, and has a developed body, retaining the gold and brown clothes.
  • At levels 25-100, the monster has been very advanced. Instead of a spear, he possesses a gold trident, longer than his actual size. It's body is slightly covered with gold chains, and gold shoulder armor. It's fins at the back resembles a wing, with colors of gold, dark blue and light blue.


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