I am here on a quest to find the highest base stat monster in the category of speed. I understand that not all "perfect" stat wise monsters are equal, so which monster is exactly the "fastest"?

I saw this question, and I have the answer. All speed stats are level 100 legendary stats

Fire - Ingenica (3,553)

Water - Blob (3,509)

Earth - Hydratila the Boltcaster (3,509) (If your looking for a non-nemesis its Baba Yaga with 3,498 speed)

Magic - Gretchen (3,575)

Thunder - Mercurius (He's fastest in the game with 3,663)

Light - Kassia (Second fastest in game with 3,630)

Metal - The Sentinel (3,478)

Dark - Jabaline (3,542)

Nature - Living Forest (3,498)

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